Different Types of Threadless Studs

Different Types of Threadless Studs

In this post, we’ll explain: 

  • What are threadless labret studs
  • Push-in labret stud style variations

Threadless Studs

Threadless or push-in labret studs are a refreshing and simplified alternative to threaded jewelry, consisting of a post that goes through the piercing and interchangeable tops that secure them. These are ideal for keeping new piercings from closing when changing studs, as the post does not have to be removed to change the look. The post has a smooth, hollow center that can work with a variety of different tops. The decorative top has a small piece of metal that fits into the opening of the post and just requires a slight bend to stay in securely. 

If your jewelry is new, you’ll want to first insert the top halfway into the post and bend slightly to create some tension to hold the top securely. This step may require a little fine-tuning. If your bend is too dramatic, it may be very hard to get the top to fit into the post. If the bend isn’t tight enough, the top will not sit securely and can slide out of the post. 

To put on threadless studs, you insert the hollow post through your piercing backward. For instance, if you are using them in the earlobe, you will push them through the back of your lobe toward the front to present the opening for the top. Then, you insert your choice of tops and push them together until they snap into place. To change the look, you simply grip either side and pull until the top releases. 

What are the Different Types of Threadless Studs?

Threadless labret studs can be found in many styles and materials. They are meant to be worn in a variety of piercings, from lips to nostrils to earlobes, eyebrows, ear cartilage, and more. They are particularly convenient for tragus or nostril piercings as it is much simpler than other styles like threaded nose screws. The best part of push-in labret studs is that they are highly customizable.

The posts are often made from non-reactive stainless steel, gold, silver, or titanium and can come in curved and straight barbell shapes or labret studs. There are also an array of lengths to fit a wide variety of piercings. The tops can be anything from a simple ball to a gemstone to more elaborate styles like flowers, clusters, geometric shapes, and more. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we even have a tiny Baby Yoda and other Star Wars emblems and characters!

Once you’ve tried the convenience and versatility of threadless body jewelry, it will be hard to imagine ever going back to any other style.

Threadless Jewelry From Almost Famous

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