When you want unique styles and the widest selection of threadless body jewelry, look no further than Almost Famous Body Piercing. We stock the widest variety of push-in jewelry around. If you need inspiration, we have it in spades. Whether you have a particular look in mind or want something new, you are sure to find just the right push-in labret jewelry and more.

Types of Labret Jewelry:

You wouldn’t guess it but there are actually a few different styles available when it comes to labret jewelry. There is externally threaded, internally threaded, and threadless. We carry all options but threadless has eclipsed the other threaded styles in popularity.

What Is Push-In/Threadless Jewelry?

Push-In jewelry is a “snap-together” system for numerous piercing types, from nostril to lip to eyebrow and more. They consist of 2-3 threadless pieces: the ends and a post or barbell. These threadless body jewelry styles can be either curved, straight, or a labret stud with a flat back. As you push the pin into the post, the springform tension inside the post holds the pieces in place until you remove them. There are so many more styles of tops available, and the threadless jewelry stays secure for a longer period of time.

What is the Difference Between Threaded and Non-Threaded Jewelry?

Threadless Body Jewelry

-Adjustable tension allows for semi-permanent or temporary placement.
-Bars come in 14, 16, or 18 gauge.
-Ideal for those who like to change their body jewelry frequently without assistance.
-Perfect for a forward-facing jewel presentation.
-The end is held in place by slightly bending the pin to create tension inside the bar.
-The pin is a universal size to fit all size push in bases.
-Threadless bars provide smoother insertion.

Internally Threaded

-Both pieces must match in gauge. Only a 16 gauge ball will fit with a 16 gauge bar.
-Gauges below 14 are fairly interchangeable among brands. Gauges above 14 begin to be more proprietary and harder to interchange between manufacturers, so we recommend customers stick with one brand or source for both pieces.
-Internally threaded bars are smooth to insert.
-There is a wide selection of internally threaded ends.
-They can go to much larger sizes, up to 0 gauge.

Externally Threaded

-Externally threaded body jewelry has threads on the outside of the bar with a female ball.
-External threads may make insertion more difficult than threadless or internally threaded styles.
-There is little consistency in machining tolerances among manufacturers, meaning the thread patterns may not match enough to interchange pieces.
– Can make it easy to change out jewelry on your own.

Find Your Style at Almost Famous Body Piercing

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