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Piercing Training from Almost Famous

Every person that gets hired at Almost Famous Body Piercing starts off as a clerk. Once they’ve decided they want to make piercing with us a career and want to take the leap, body piercing training begins! They’re then in the Training Technician phase which is similar to an apprentice. After they do their many many hours of videos, slideshows, book work, and hands on practice, they have their piercing workshop! This is when you are invited in for reduced priced piercings that are done under direct supervision of a senior piercer which is someone who has done well over 1,000 piercings.

Piercing Workshops

Our public piercing schedule varies based on current temporary technician training.

Upcoming Workshops

Want to get pierced?

On workshop days, piercings are done on a first-come, first-served walk-in basis. Our temporary technicians need a variety of piercings during their piercing workshops so feel free to get multiple and invite your friends to take part in this great deal.

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Body Piercings$25

Surface, dermals, and exotics$30

Prices may differ. Prices include basic steel jewelry and aftercare. You are more than welcome to add gems or change your jewelry to titanium, if needed, for an extra charge.

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We thank the many people that have come in to support our training technicians over the years! For this reason, we’re able to keep training successful piercers!