2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 HGG

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

We love this time of year! The time of year where people are picking out gifts for people they love. Gifts that they KNOW the special person in their life will appreciate. We enjoy getting to be a part of the process and help you with that. We put out a Holiday Gift Guide every year and we really try to break it down and keep it really simple. We hope that because of this, even those without any knowledge of body piercings and body jewelry can read through and pick our something special for the pierced person in their life.

Aftercare Bundles
Our aftercare bundles are specially curated packs of products, each for a specific purpose. We have four to choose from – a Stretching Bundle, one for new oral piercings, a Healing Bump bundle, and last but not least, a swimming bundle.
Swimming Bundle – If you know a person that has a new piercing and is heading on a vacation soon to a place where they’ll be swimming, this is perfect! It has a “Cover-It!” kit (a waterproof covering for piercings,) non-iodized sea salt, and glycerin soap. Both for cleaning after being in water.
Stretching Bundle – If a special person in your life is wanting to stretch their ears, this is a great gift idea. It contains everything you need – Jojoba Oil, “Stretch-It” tape, and glycerin soap, and sea salt.
Oral Piercing Bundle – This bundle was put together for those with a new, healing oral piercing. It consists of three products – our “Swish-It!” mouthwash that is specially formulated to heal new oral piercings, sea salt, and glycerin soap!
Healing Bump Bundle – This particular bundle was put together for people that have a healing bump on their piercing(s) and it consists of sea salt, glycerin soap, and Tea Tree Oil.

Nostril Packs
Nostril piercings are by far and away the piercing that we do most often so we know these are going to be a hit as a gift! Each pack contains 6-7 pieces of nostril jewelry. There are flowers, colors, and if you like to keep it simple, a pack of different size and shape clear gems.

Holiday Gift Guide Nose Packs

Plug Hoops
These always make it onto our holiday gift guide and the reason is simple…they’re perfect for everyone! These are the same gauge (thickness of the part that goes through your piercing) as a normal earring so they can be given as such – a beautiful and unique pair of earrings that can be dressed up or kept casual. A gift that can be appreciated again and again because they are truly a statement piece.
If the person you’re gifting has stretched ears, these will work for them as well. They can be worn under a plug or through a tunnel. No matter what size they’re at, these will fit! It’s making sense why they’re the perfect gift now, right? 😉

Holiday Gift Guide P

Navel Jewelry
With some piercings, there are a lot of different sizes such as gauges and lengths that you need to know before you purchase it for someone else to make sure it will fit. Navel jewelry is pretty standard. Every piercing is done at a 14 gauge and there is an average length which we consider to be 3/8”. This means that there is a PLETHORA of jewelry for you to choose from. We have titanium and steel options, buy one get one half off jewelry to choose from, and even 14k gold!

Holiday Gift Guide Navel

Aftercare Products
Piercings heal in peak and valley patterns so we recommend always having a bit on hand. Sea salt and glycerin soap might not seem like much to a person without a piercing but for those that do, it is essential!


Push-In Tops
These are fairly new to our stores but very quickly became one of our best sellers! These are great because once you have a post, you’re free to change the top as often as you like! The post will stay in the piercing and the top can just be slid in and out with ease. If the person you’re gifting likes to keep things simple, you can stick with a clear or colored gem. If they’re into unique things, there’s a multitude of options to choose from including flowers, a cross, a crown, stars, clusters of opals or gems, zodiac signs, DC characters and emblems, Star Wars characters and emblems. Seriously…you name it, we likely have it!

Holiday Gift Guide Threadless Tops

14K Gold
Sometimes a person likes a little glitz and gold and for that person we have – 14K GOLD! We have 14k gold options for just about every piercing! We have hoops, horseshoes, studs, basic stud and clasp earrings, and more! This would make for a beautiful gift that would last for years to come.

Holiday Gift Guide 14k Gold

Gift Cards
We try to freshen up the holiday gift guide every year but these have to be on! Gift cards always make a great gift. This can be used towards a piercing, towards new jewelry, anything! We even have a promotion that begins Black Friday – If you buy a gift card for $25, you’ll get a free $5 gift card!

Holiday Gift Guide Gift Cards

These are just some of our favorite options but we absolutely welcome you to stop in and a staff member can help you come up with some more ideas. Our webstore has many options as well that you can shop from the comfort of your home. We’re also offering free shipping on any online orders over $30! Be sure to keep checking back because we get new and amazing jewelry in a monthly if not weekly basis!

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