Healing New Nipple Piercings

Nipple Barbells

Healing New Nipple Piercings

If you are considering getting nipple piercings, you’re not alone. Pierced nipples are quite popular at the moment, thanks to celebrities who have been rocking them out in the public spotlight.

You might be nervous about getting your nipples pierced, but the good thing is, these piercings are easy to care for, and you don’t need to make drastic wardrobe changes to accommodate them.

Here are some helpful nipple piercing tips to consider when it comes to clothing.

After The Initial Procedure

Your nipples will be extremely sensitive after the initial procedure. Some people leave the store wearing the bra they came with because they think the pressure applied to the new piercings helps with the initial minor discomfort of a new piercing, and keeps the jewelry close to the body. They continue to wear a bra for this reason, especially to bed so the jewelry doesn’t get caught on blankets while sleeping. Others think it’s more comfortable to go without. Just make sure that if you’re not wearing a bra, to wear soft, clean tops that leave no chance for accidental snags. Once you are ready to try wearing a bra again, make sure to use soft, cotton lined bras. Some people find a sports bra especially comfortable. You don’t want to end up with an infection because of soiled clothing, so make sure to launder the top of your choice regularly.

Guys who get their nipples pierced do well wearing a loose fitting t-shirt or sweatshirt as the piercings heal.

Ideal Clothing

When trying to hide your pierced nipples, you may want to wear thicker sweatshirts or flowing fabrics that don’t expose the outline of your jewelry. If you love sweaters simply wear a t-shirt or camisole under it to avoid getting the jewelry caught in the fabric. Different types of nipple piercing jewelry allow for more flexibility in clothing. Whatever your choice, comfort and safety should be your priority.

Jewelry Types

We have a multitude of jewelry options to choose from at any of our Almost Famous Body Piercing locations and in our online store. When getting the initial piercings, we recommend getting pierced with straight barbells. We have different colored titanium to pick from and then you can add colored beads, gems, or opals of your choice. Jewelry is definitely a personal choice. Some people prefer to wear a captive bead ring or hoop after the piercings are healed. After your piercings are fully healed, you can change out to any of our intricate Nipple Sets! Nipple sets are a great way to change up your jewelry selection. Some of the sets allow you to use your own barbells and simply slide the shield onto your jewelry. While they are not recommended for everyday wear, they are a fun addition!

Once you are ready to get this fun new piercing, we would be happy to make it happen. As a trusted piercing shop, we take great pride in performing clean, precise, beautiful piercings that you will enjoy having for years to come. If you would like more information about nipple piercings or you are ready to get pierced at any one of our Minnesota, North Dakota, or Illinois piercing shops, feel free to contact us or just stop on in!

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