Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday Gift Guide

We put out a holiday gift guide every year to help make shopping for that special person in your life with body piercings a little easier. We make it while thinking about those that might not know much about body piercings or body jewelry. We try to break it down, keep it simple, and limit it to the jewelry that is fairly universal, meaning most people can wear them, even those with very few piercings. We hope this is helpful and that it gives you a brilliant idea for a gift for at least one special person in your life!

We have 8 store locations and each one has front counter staff that are proficient in everything body jewelry. If you have super specific questions, a piercer can help as well! They are eager to show you options, point you in the right direction, and help you find that perfect present.

Our locations are in Fargo, ND – St. Cloud, MN – Mall of America in MN – Minneapolis, MN – Mankato, MN – Billings, MT – Champaign, IL – and last but not least (but it is our newest location!) Coralville, IA.
We also have an online store with many jewelry options as well. Gift cards can also be purchased on there in any denomination.
If you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, send us a message on any of our social media platforms or email us at [email protected]. We’re quick to respond and eager to help!

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas that made the list this year –

Hinge Hoops
One of our best sellers! Why? Simply put, they’re easy! They’re simple enough in look and easy to change without needing tools or the assistance of a professional. They come in a wide variety of sizes, gauges, and colors so they can fit in just about any piercing. If you’re not sure what size to get, here’s a little cheat sheet –
Please keep in mind, however, that these are average sizes. We can’t say for sure that this is the size for the person and the piercing you’re shopping for. These are just the sizes that most wear. The “typical” size, if you will.
Nostril – 18 gauge 5/16’ diameter
Cartilage Rim – 18 gauge 5/16’ diameter
Lip – 16 gauge 5/16’ or 3/8’ diameter
Tragus – 16 gauge 5/16’ diameter
Daith – 16 gauge 5/16’ diameter (3/8’ for a larger look)
Rook – 16 gauge 5/16’ diameter
Forward Helix – 16 gauge 5/16’ diameter
Conch – 14 gauge ½’ diameter
Septum – 16 gauge 5/16’ diameter (3/8’ for a larger look or if there piercing is done higher up)
Ear Lobe – 18 or 16 gauge 5/16’ or 3/8’ diameter

Hinge Hoops 7

Plug Hoops –
Plug Hoops are the perfect gift. If we had to pick just one. They’re affordable, they’re elegant, unique, and anyone can wear them. (Well, as long as they have their lobes pierced.) Once in, they just look like a gorgeous pair of dangle earrings that can be worn on any occasion. Dress them up, dress them down, they will add to any outfit! We have seasonal styles like bats, spiders, skeletons, etc and then we also have other ornate designs like a lotus, mushrooms, bees, and more! We carry a wide array because Plug Hoops can’t be found many other places. Each of our 8 locations has many options to choose from and there are some online as well that can be shipped directly to you at home –

Plug Hoops 3

Nostril Packs – If you’re looking for the perfect gift and that special person also has their nose pierced, you’re in luck! Our nostril packs are another wonderful gift option. Each pack contains 6-7 stunning pieces of nostril jewelry. There are opals, simple clear gems, flowers, some with turquoise, stars, even variety packs for those that like a little bit of everything! These are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face when unwrapped!

Nostril Packs 2

Earrings –
Who doesn’t love jewels for Christmas? A brand new pair of basic stud and clasp earrings is a gift that keeps on giving. They’ll last forever and can be worn for special occasions or for every day wear. They come in many different materials which means they’re available at many different price points. These aren’t yet online but there are many many options to choose from in each of our store locations.


14k Jewelry –
We pride ourselves on carrying jewelry for everyone. This means inexpensive up to more high end items such as real gold with real diamonds. Our 14k gold jewelry is sure to wow that special person in your life that you’re buying for! We have 14k gold options in almost anything but we have tons of 14k gold threadless tops. These can be put into a threadless base like a labret stud, curved barbell, or straight barbell.

Gift Cards –
If you’re still not sure what to get or you just want to leave it up to the person you’re gifting, a gift card may be the way to go! Still a super fun gift that will give them something to plan for and look forward to. Gift cards can be used towards piercings, new body jewelry, aftercare products, stretching supplies, absolutely whatever! The best part is – Black Friday (11/24) through Christmas Eve (12/24), we have our gift card deal going on – buy one for $25, get a free $5 gift card. Buy $50 in gift cards, get $10. So on and so forth! Even better – they’re holiday themed and come with a cute card holder. What’s not to love?!

Again, we hope this year’s gift guide is just as helpful as all the rest. If you have any questions, please call any of our 8 locations, message us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us! We hope to see you in this holiday season!

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