Hinged Segment Ring

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Hinged Segment Ring

Hinged segment rings are ideal for a variety of piercing locations. They are versatile and secure, perfect for facial piercings or ear piercings. You can use the hinged segment ring for septum, daith, helix, conch, and other cartilage piercings. Sleek and stylish, these bee hinged segment rings are a unique and beautiful alternative to captive rings and sleeker than ball closure rings.

Hinge Hoops

Hinge hoops make changing out your hoops or charms easy. They have the simple elegance of a regular hoop with the added convenience of a hinge to allow you to more easily place the post. Simply open the hoop, place the revealed post in the desired location, and click the post into place in the indention on the other side of the hoop. If you want to add charms, you don’t have to remove the hoop to change the look.
Our hinge hoops are available in 14, 16, or 18 gauge. Diameters range from 5/16 to ½ inch. The wide range of sizes makes them an ideal choice for almost any piercing, with no hinge line visible when closed. But we don’t stop with size options.

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As always, Almost Famous Body Piercing celebrates the uniqueness and personal style of every person, so we offer a variety of colors to let you do you. Color choices include Pink, Rose Gold, Turquoise, Blue, Teal, Zircon, Dream Blue, Black, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Gold, and Steel. Let your hinge hoop color show your mood, coordinate with your outfit, or simply shake up your style.