Body Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Body Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The holiday season is here, and that means buying presents for all the special people in your life. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we’ve got you covered with gifts for your favorite piercing enthusiast and even the piercing hopeful. Our stores have a variety of jewelry and aftercare products so you can give them what they really want this year!

Running short on time? Not sure what size to get? Sometimes the holidays can be overwhelming, so get them a gift card! Starting Black Friday, when you buy a holiday gift card for $25, you’ll receive a $5 gift card for free.

Ear Plugs and TunnelsEar Plugs and Tunnels - Almost Famous Body Piercing

From hollow stone plugs to our brightly colored silicon tunnels, we have the perfect gift for anyone with stretched ear piercings. If you are looking for a little sparkle, check out our solid gem plugs or the externally threaded tunnels with colored stones. There’s no need to settle for simple if you’re looking for some added flair.

Our titanium tunnel selection includes both single and double flare options. We have new colors in as well including rose gold and yellow gold. When buying any sort of plug for someone,  just make sure you know what gauge they’re at, as we do not return or exchange body jewelry!

Plug HoopsHoop Plugs - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Do you know someone that has stretched lobes but still likes to dress them up and wear dangling jewelry? These may be the perfect gift! The earring is the same gauge as a traditional lobe piercing so people without stretched lobes can wear them as well. They are made with enough room to fit through any size of plug and can be worn with solid plugs or tunnels. They come in gorgeous designs such as ganesh, dream catchers with accents, lightning bolts, and more.

Navel Jewelry

Everyone loves a new piece of navel jewelry. Especially one with a dangle. Our Buy One Get One Half Off Navel Jewelry would make for a great gift or stocking stuffer. This offer comes with a free jewelry box!  Each Almost Famous Body Piercing location carries an extensive collection of these dangle navels.

Hinge HoopsHinge Hoops - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Our hinge hoops can be used in just about any piercing. Nostrils, cartilage rim, lip piercings, you name it. There’s just a little bit of information that we suggest you know before deciding to purchase one of these as a gift for someone. That is the gauge of the piercing that they have and the diameter that they think they might need. Once you know this, it’s up to you to pick out the color option you think they might like best. We have bright colored titanium, silver, even rose and yellow gold!

Colored JewelryColored Jewelry - Almost Famous Body Piercing

We all have a color that we favor. If the person you’re getting a gift for loves bright green or loves to keep it simple with silver or black, we have it in barbells, navel jewelry, labret studs, hoops, horseshoes, gem options, opals, and curved barbells.

New Stone Plugs New Stone Plugs - Almost Famous Body PIercing

We have both hollow stone and solid stone plugs. We received new color choices recently and people are already loving them. They’re beautiful colored stone that go with anything.

Gem BeadsGem Beads - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Gem beads always make for a great gift! They can be added onto hoops, labret studs, barbells, anything! You just have to know if the person has internally or externally threaded jewelry and the gauge of their jewelry. Once you know that, you can purchase beads in different colors, with different gem colors, spikes, and opals. This gives people a lot of different options that they can change as often as they’d like which people really appreciate.

Nipple SetsNipple Sets - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Our nipple sets are one of our best sellers and will make the person you’re purchasing them for absolutely ecstatic! A lot of the nipple jewelry out there is just plain boring. Our nipple sets add some bling to the piercings that people usually say are their favorite.

Septum ClickersSeptum Clickers - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Septum clickers are a great statement piece! It’s in the center of the face and noticed by everyone. These are available in anything from intricate brass pieces, to gems, to different colored stones or opals. We’re sure to have something the person you’re gifting would enjoy.

Hollow Stone PlugsHollow Stone Plugs - Almost Famous Body Piercing

When it comes to plugs, stone is one of our best sellers. The hollow stone tunnels look perfect with a set of our Plug Hoops through them. These come in Opalite, Howlite, Sandstone, Onyx, Turquoise, and more! Feel free to check out our blog post on Healing Stone Plugs to help you choose which type of stone to get –

AftercarePiercing Aftercare - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Whether you know someone with a new piercing or a fully healed one, aftercare is always a great gift option! We sell packets of non-iodized sea salt, liquid glycerin soap, and oral mouth rinse. We have everything they will need to allow their piercing to heal without the headache. We also have lavender oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil. You can check out the aftercare section of our online store to read about the products and decide which one is best for the person you’re gifting. Aftercare products make for a great stocking stuffer or the perfect complement to a gift card purchase.

Holiday Gift Card Deal

If you’ve been into the store or checked out our online store and have found that there are just too many options to choose from or you know a person that wants to get a new piercing as their gift, you can always play it safe with a gift card. Around the holidays, we offer a gift card promotion – Buy a $25 gift card, get a $5 gift card free!

Now that we have given you some great gift ideas for everyone, come into Almost Famous Body Piercing this holiday season! We’re your one-stop shop for piercing gifts in the Midwest. You can also shop our online store and get your items delivered right to your door!

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