Piercings can start to close up almost immediately, so if you can’t wear your jewelry, you need another option. Piercing retainers let you remove your jewelry for an extended period without worrying that you’ll have to redo the piercing. They also work when you need to minimize the appearance of a piercing.

What Are Piercing Retainers?
Though nothing can hide a piercing completely, piercing retainers provide more discretion than wearing your regular jewelry. There are still many conservative workplaces that ask employees to hide nostril piercings. That could mean up at least 40 hours per week with no jewelry. Clear or flesh-colored piercing retainers are a great way to comply with workplace regulations and keep the channels open for jewelry.

At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we offer piercing retainers made from non-metallic, medical-grade plastic suitable for medical procedures. One caveat is that you shouldn’t start removing jewelry in favor of a piercing retainer until after a minimum of six weeks. Depending upon your piercing, you may need to wait up to nine months to avoid issues. If you know you’ll need to hide your piercing, ask about getting pierced with a retainer.

Different Types of Piercing Retainers
Septum and cartilage piercings are very popular. A septum piercing is one in the area between the nostrils in the flesh toward the front of the nose. Septum piercing retainers keep the channel open when it isn’t possible to wear your jewelry. A cartilage piercing is one in any cartilage-filled area of the nose or ear. Like septum piercing retainers, cartilage piercing retainers can be used to keep the holes from closing up when your jewelry is out.

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