Nipple piercing jewelry has become more popular than ever over the last few years. Thanks to the many celebrities who have shown theirs off publicly, more people are embracing the beauty of nipple jewelry. They are sexy, fun, and, like other jewelry, reflect each person’s unique style. As our many longtime customers know, Almost Famous Body Piercing is all about celebrating individuality.

What Is Nipple Jewelry?
Nipple piercing jewelry comes in a variety of designs, metals, and embellishments. There are straight and curved nipple barbells. These styles feature nipple bars that go through the piercing and are secured by balls on each end. There are also captive, segment, or seamless nipple rings, dangles, pincher, and circular barbell nipple rings.

There are virtually endless possibilities. If you are new to nipple piercing jewelry, you may want to consider starting with straight nipple barbells. They are quicker to heal than rings. Nipple rings project outward and hang down, meaning they get much more movement which can be painful in new piercings.

Nipple piercings take approximately 9-12 months on average to heal completely. The healing time is much longer than other types of piercings. However, that depends upon the person, the type of nipple piercing jewelry, and how well the aftercare is. We recommend you not change out your nipple piercing jewelry during the healing period, as it could cause irritation or inflammation that could put you at risk of infection.

Get All Your Nipple Piercing Jewelry and Aftercare Needs at Almost Famous
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