Navel Piercing

Navel Piercing

Navel piercings continue to hold their own in the realm of body piercing. They were all the rage back in the early 2000s and a variety of new styles have continued to make them a common choice for people of all ages. With a huge range of piercing jewelry available, this is one of the easiest ways to personalize your look!

Replace What is a Navel Piercing

What is a Navel Piercing?

A navel piercing is any piercing that is placed around your belly button. The most common type of navel piercing is on the upper edge of your belly button so that the jewelry hangs down into the navel opening. However, some people choose to have navel piercings placed across the belly button or at the bottom edge of the navel opening.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

We say that any piercing can take six months to a year to fully heal. We give a wide range estimate because every person heals so differently. Due to the nature of this piercing, it often takes longer to heal than other types of body piercings. During this time you should not change your jewelry. You should also be sure not to use heavy jewelry that pulls down into the healing piercing wound and cause problems. The less you mess with it, the faster it will heal.

Navel Piercing Trends of 2022

With social media making a buzz about just about everything we do, body piercings are no exception. 2022 has already given birth to a number of trends relating to navel piercings specifically. First, people are getting more creative with their navel piercings by adding a second piece of jewelry to the mix, “anchoring” the barbell at the bottom with an extra stud. This gives the illusion that the piercing goes all the way through the belly button although it is actually in pieces.

People have found joy in layering their jewelry by getting multiple navel piercings all around the perimeter of the belly button and using straight barbells as well as curved ones to create a crosshatch of studs and bars.

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Due to differences in State and local regulations, if you are a minor wishing to get pierced, or you are a parent or guardian wishing to bring a minor child in for a piercing, please call the store location you wish to visit for details on what ID is currently required and accepted for both parent and child at that specific location. If you are a guardian, proof of guardianship is required.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone… We do not perform piercings on people who are or seem to be intoxicated.

Everyone 18 and older wishing to get pierced must have a valid, state or federally issued picture ID like a drivers license, non-driver picture ID, or a passport. Sorry, no exceptions.

For additional information on ID requirements, call the location you wish to be pierced at, and see additional information here. Not all locations have the same ID requirements due to state and local laws.

All piercings are performed under strict sterile, sanitary conditions by trained piercing professionals.