What earrings are in style? All the Jewelry You’ll Want in 2018

What earrings are in style? All the Jewelry You’ll Want in 2018

With the new year comes a handful of fun, new trends in the world of jewelry – specifically regarding earrings and ear piercings ideas. Gone are the days when a single piercing in each ear and a plain stud was one of the few options to choose from. Now, creativity has gotten the upper hand, and the latest earring trends have taken a turn towards the unique.

Here are a few of the top earring and ear-piercing trends to look forward to in 2018:


A Clustered Approach to Earrings + Anti-Tragus Piercings

Trendsetters are showing off three, four, even five small earrings per lobe, arranged in a thoughtfully designed cluster to give the appearance of a “sprinkling” of jewelry. Piercings are arranged in an organized, often parallel design to avoid appearing cluttered, and an anti-tragus piercing can be included for an extra touch. This trend can be created with a combination of small gemstone earrings in complementary colors, or even a collection of mixed metal studs for an edgier look.


Ear Climbers/Large Designs + Tragus Piercings

In 2017, ear climbers came on the scene, large earrings designed to give the appearance of “crawling” up your ear. Common designs for these include floral vines, sculptural swirls, or even starry constellations. To balance and accent ear climbers, many people are adding a tragus piercing showing a simple stud or colored gem. The combination is exceptionally pretty when combined with an updo hairstyle so that the jewelry is easily visible.


Artful Arrangements + Helix Piercings

Creating a carefully arranged, curated piercing arrangement is one of the most creative earrings trends of 2018, with people taking time to create small designs with carefully selected earrings and very intentionally placed piercings. For example, small petal-shaped studs may be inserted into a line of helix piercings to create a floral-inspired design on the upper ear.

As you decide which of the 2018 earring and piercing trends you will try out this year, be sure to carefully choose where to have it done. The best place to pierce ears is not a kiosk in your nearest shopping mall but is rather a dedicated piercing shop with professional, experienced staff. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we offer different money-saving specials so you can try a new piercing trend without emptying your wallet. Stop by any of our six locations today, and start off 2018 with a fun touch of creativity.

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