Lobe Stretching

Lobe Stretching



Stretching piercings has undoubtedly grown in popularity and quickly. It wasn’t long ago that it was rare to see a person with stretched ear lobes, now you see it almost everywhere you go. It is fascinating how accepted it has become and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re considering stretching a piercing, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some basic information. Stretching can be a permanent change to your body so it is paramount that you do it at a pace that your body is comfortable with.

History of Stretching

Stretching Did you know that the oldest mummified body had stretched lobes? Otzi the Iceman had lobes that were stretched to a 0 gauge as well as piercings done in many pressure points on his body. Buddha and King Tut rocked plugs that were stretched way beyond a size 0. Many women in ancient civilizations in Mesoamerica and South America, particularly in the Mayan, Olmec, and Aztec cultures did their piercings with the thorns from plants and would then wear elaborate jewelry in their stretched lobes, septum, and tongue. https://www.almostfamouspiercing.com/stretched-earlobes-are-a-human-tradition/

Stretching Takes Time

When you stretch, you are pulling the collagen molecules and skin cells, and everything else in that immediate area, apart and asking your body to produce more in order to fill the spaces you’ve created during the stretch. This takes time. To keep your lobes from getting too thin or even worse, tearing or blowing out, never skip sizes or rush a stretch. Stretching is not a race.

Keeping your lobes moisturized during a stretch is key. Jojoba Oil massages can be used to increase circulation and help encourage new, healthy cell growth. Massage a few drops into both sides of the piercing and surrounding skin at least once per day.

Way to Stretch

Using non-adhesive tape is the suggested method of stretching. This is because you can stretch your piercing in small amounts over a longer period of time. You can purchase “Stretch-It!” tape from any of our store locations and one roll will last you your entire stretching journey. “Stretch-it!” tape is a skin-safe, non-adhesive tape that only sticks to itself. Cut the tape to fit your plug and wrap a layer or two (at most) at a time. Add another layer or two every few days to gradually increase the diameter of the jewelry to reach the next size. Make sure to clean the plug and tape before you add more. Tapers can also be used to stretch ear lobe piercings. If you stop into any Almost Famous Body Piercing location, a body piercer can stretch your lobes for you. However, it is not guaranteed that we will get the taper through and get jewelry in. This all depends on your skin elasticity and how long it has been since you stretched last. Sometimes your ears just require more time. We also sell tapers that allow you to stretch at home. A lot of people prefer this option because you can go at your own pace. The taper comes with two o-rings that you can place on either side of your lobe to help hold the taper in place. You can slowly move the taper through over a couple hours or several days. Once you reach the end of the taper, or the largest part of it, you can

either keep that in for a few weeks or put in a pair of plugs of the same size. If you do decide to taper, keep in mind it needs to be done slowly. Weights are another method of stretching and can be used to slowly get your ears to the desired size. These can be put through tunnels and add weight to the lobe for a “pulling’ effect. Like taping, weights are a gentle way of very slowing stretching your piercing over time.

Things to Avoid

Silicone plugs should not be used for stretching. Using silicone jewelry for a stretch can cause the lining of the earlobe to tear during the stretch. Since silicone is waterproof and airtight, the jewelry can trap moisture and bacteria between the jewelry and the skin.

You want to avoid using double-flared jewelry while stretching. The flare is sometimes two sizes larger than the center of the jewelry, making insertion painful, and increasing the chance of permanent damage to the ear. Dead stretching should never be done. This is the act of simply just shoving something through your ear. Stretching takes time. Patience is key.

We Can Answer Any Questions

If you have more questions on stretching after reading through this, please do not hesitate to stop in, give us a call, or message us. Our staff is eager to share their knowledge on stretching and can gladly give you any advice.


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