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If you are new to nostril jewelry, or you are just considering getting a nose piercing, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ll try to give you what you need to make the decision an easy one. Some of the most common questions include the following.

Does Getting a Nostril Piercing Hurt?

The nose is much more sensitive than other areas of the face, so some discomfort is to be expected. Also, putting a hole through cartilage is typically more painful than soft tissue like the earlobe. Most people report that the piercing doesn’t hurt as much as expected. One tip offered by those who have experienced nose piercings before is to close your eyes so that you don’t get anxious when you see the needle hovering in front of your face. All in all, the process is very quick. Your piercer will talk you through everything if you find that helpful and then it will be done and over before you know it! After that, you get to walk out the door with a beautiful new addition!

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Though it varies from person to person, nostril piercings take anywhere from six months to one year to heal completely though you can typically change it around the two month mark. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we’ll discuss aftercare with you so that you know what to expect and how to keep your piercing clean and on its way to healing. Until you get accustomed to the jewelry, you’ll want to remember not to move or pull on the jewelry, as you could inadvertently pull out the jewelry or tear new granulation tissue.

What Are Some Nostril Jewelry Styles?

You can choose between a multitude of different types of studs or rings. If you choose a stud option, we pierce with threadless labret studs and fishtail nostril screws. Gems vary in size so whether you want something small and discreet or bold and statement making, we’ve got you covered! As for hoops, we pierce with captive bead rings and seamless hinge hoops. Both can give you that “close to the nose” look that you’re going for and are available in many different colors.

We pierce with select jewelry but we have even more to choose from after your piercing heals. Some of the options include:

Bend to Fit Nostril Stud (NOSEPACK-GSTDM)

Our 9k bend to fit nostril studs fits compactly and features a shimmering CZ gem.

L Bend Nostril Jewelry

Our popular L bend nostril jewelry is made with 20-gauge 316L steel. It features a bezel-set gem in a choice of 20 stone colors.

Nostril Packs

These gorgeous 20 Gauge L-bend and nose bone style studs come in packs of 6 or 7 pieces, featuring plain or flower-shapes in clear, pink, or aqua colors.


Usually worn in septums, horseshoes can look great in nostril piercings. They give your piercing a fun, unique look. Make you look even more personal by using different colored beads on your jewelry.