Which Piercing is Right for You


Which Piercing is Right for You

We wish we could give everyone wanting a piercing an excitable “Yes! Do it!” but the reality is that there are things to think about before making your final decision. Piercings are commitments and it’s always important to do your research or ask questions going into it. Any of our piercers would agree, asking questions is a good thing and we’re all happy to answer yours! There truly is no such thing as a silly question because we don’t expect someone new to body piercings to be an expert about them.
There are a couple obvious things and the first is that piercings are wounds and take time to heal. Patience and persistent aftercare during the healing cycles is critical. Any piercing can take six months to one year or longer to fully heal and in that time, they’ll heal in a peak and valley pattern. Sometimes your piercing will seem fully healed and then may go back to being red, sore, and draining. People bring in beautiful photos of healed piercings and expect their fresh piercing to mirror it right away, but the truth is that they take lots of gentle handling and aftercare to get that end result.
Aftercare is a crucial part of healing body piercings. When you get pierced at Almost Famous Body Piercing, you’ll go home with sea salt, glycerin soap, and if you’re getting an oral piercing- specially formulated mouth rinse! Each product needs to be used a different of number of times each day for the duration of healing. If you run out of anything, you can purchase the items in store or on our webstore.

Are you able to have piercings at work? If it’s a definite yes, the options are endless and the jewelry just depends on your taste. Some employers only allow a certain number of piercings and/or have specific requirements for jewelry. For instance, you may not be able to have a hoop in your nostril but a small stud would be acceptable. Some don’t allow facial piercings but you’d still be able to bling out your ear. If you’re considering a piercing, this is a great thing to know. Some piercings can eventually be changed to clear, plastic ‘retainers’ but you wouldn’t want to change it out every day.

While on the topic of jobs, are you at a job you plan to keep? As much as we think piercings should be accepted everywhere and by everyone and that a person shouldn’t be judged based on them, that’s just not reality quite yet. For this reason, we recommend planning for your future. If you’re at a job you love and plan to remain at, then by all means, choose any piercing that you love from the list!

Do you play any sports or involved in any activities in which piercings are not allowed? There are definitely some sports that give a hard “no” to body piercings. If this is the case for you, you might want to wait until the active season is done. Then you can get your piercing, allow it time to heal, and be able to put a plastic retainer in when the season starts up again. Since the retainer is small and clear plastic, it’s not noticeable and is typically okay to wear.

Do you frequent pools or lakes? We don’t recommend going in pools, hot tubs, or other chlorinated water for at least 6-8 weeks after receiving a piercing. This is why the winter months and into early Spring are the best time to get a navel piercing. That way it is healed, ready to change, and will be able to be shown off when Summer hits! If something pops up and you do want to go in chlorinated water with a new piercing, be sure to pick up a cover-it kit from any of our stores or online. It contains a water proof bandage and some gauze to keep your piercing dry!

If you’ve read through to this point and feel confident in your decision to get a piercing, then the next step is simply picking which one! Here’s a list of some options! Here’s where you can see photos and descriptions of each as well – https://www.almostfamouspiercing.com/piercings/

Ear Piercings – Rook, Tragus, Conch, Industrial, Ear Lobe, Anti-Tragus, Daith, Forward Helix, Ear Face, Cartilage Rim, Snug.
Facial – Eyebrow, Bridge, Nostril, Septum, Tongue Tip, Monroe, Vertical Labret, Medusa, Labret. Lip, Tongue, Cheek(s), Dahlia(s)
Piercings that are easy to cover – Navel, Nipples, Oral Frenum, Exotics, Surface and Dermal piercings in inconspicuous places.
*If you’re thinking of a dermal, here’s a blog with some ideas for placement! Microdermal Ideas for Piercings | Almost Famous Body Piercing (almostfamouspiercing.com)*

We also have our buy one get one free deal. You’re able to do two piercings on yourself or you can split the deal with a friend! These are the piercings that part of the deal – Cartilage Rim, Ear Lobe, Rook, Tragus, Daith, Lip, Tongue, Monroe, Industrial(two piercings in itself,) Labret, Conch, Forward Helix, Ear Face, Snug, Nipple, Vertical Labret, Cheek, and Nostril.

Whether you know exactly which piercing you want and you’re ready to make it a reality or you’d like a piercer to help you decide, we always get excited to guide our clients from the decision making phase all the way up to the final product, your beautiful new piercing.

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