Rimrock Mall

Rimrock Mall – Billings, MT

West Acres Mall

Billings Piercing Shop​

Rimrock Mall, located on Billings West End off of 24th Street West, is easily accessed from I-90 off of the Zoo Drive or King Avenue West exits. Almost Famous Body Piercing is located in Section A in the JC Penney wing, across from Magic City Gymnastics.

Store Policies

Billings – Rimrock Mall
300 S 24th St. W
Billings, MT 59102
United States
Phone: (406) 652-5916

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In-Store Pricing

Buy One, Get One Free Piercings*
ItemService FeeJewelryAftercare
Cartilage Rim$60$12 and up$10.48
Helix$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Rook$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Daith$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Snug$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Tragus$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Anti-Tragus$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Conch$60$17.99 and up$10.48
Earlobe (Needle)$60$12 and up$10.48
Industrial$60$22.99 and up$10.48
Nostril$60$13.99 and up$10.48
Eyebrow$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Side Lip$60$16.99 and up$16.97
Monroe$60$17.99 and up$16.97
Labret$60$17.99 and up$16.97
Cheek$60$20.99 and up$16.97
Tongue$60$19.99 and up$11.28
Nipple$60$19.99 and up$10.48
Navel$60$19.99 and up$10.48
Vertical Labret$60$16.99 and up$10.48
Cheek Dimples$60$20.99 and up$16.97
Dahlias$60$19.99 and up$16.97

Additional Services and Piercings*
ItemService FeeJewelryAftercare
Earlobe (Gun)Free$12 and up$10.48
Oral Frenum$60$15.99-$18.99$11.28
Surface Bar$60$21.99-$33.57$10.48
Dermal Anchor$60$21.98-$29.98 ($13.99 for dermal boot + price of top that you choose)$10.48
Tongue Tip$60$16.99-$23.97$11.28
Exotics$65Depends on the piercing. Please see piercer for consultation and quote.$10.48
Change Out$10 or Free at time of jewelry purchase  
Jewelry Removal$10  
Dermal Removal$40  
*Buy One, Get One Free applies to the service fee only. Jewelry and aftercare purchase required for all piercing services.
*Service fees are applied per piercing.
*Prices subject to change. Pricing does not include sales tax.
*If you don’t see the piercing or service you want on the list, please call the location you wish to visit.