Nipple Piercing

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings have been extremely popular for some time now. A wide range of people, both male and female, are coming in to adorn their nipples with jewelry of their choice.

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How Long Have Nipple Piercings Been Around?

People have been piercing themselves for centuries. The exact origin of individual piercings have been lost to time, but there is archaeological evidence of piercing in some form or another going back into ancient history. Our cultural fascination with body piercing in the United States was revived in the 1970’s and has continued to grow. Somebody piercings are now as common as pierced earlobes.

What Should I Expect From a Nipple Piercing?

Depends on the nipple in question. Inverted nipples will almost certainly pop out, while prominent nipples will become more pronounced. There will likely be a perceived increase in sensitivity, but that may be more a case of body awareness than anything else.

Is It Going to Hurt?

It’s a portion of the anatomy being pierced with a needle. It’s going to hurt, at least initially. That said, pain tolerances vary from person to person. Some initial soreness is to be expected; past that initial period it shouldn’t hurt at all unless there’s some sort of tension being applied to the piercing. When your piercing is still in any stage of healing, we suggest you be very careful and minimize any chance the piercing may get caught or pulled on to reduce the chance of the piercing rejecting.

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

Much like pain tolerance, this varies from person to person and depends on how rigorously the person maintains their aftercare regimen. Assuming a well-maintained aftercare regimen, six months to a year is a reasonable time frame to expect for complete healing. However, we say that any piercing can take a year or more to fully heal depending on the individual person. If there’s a red stripe going across the nipple, talk with your piercer right away, since your body may be trying to reject the piercing.

What Can I Wear After I Get Pierced?

We do nipple piercings with straight barbells and with a little extra length to allow room for any swelling that may occur. After the piercings are fully healed, you can wear shorter barbells, hoops, horseshoes, or nipple clickers if you prefer a different look. We also sell nipple sets if you’re looking for something a little more decorative.

Who Has Nipple Piercings?

Nipple piercings have been extremely popular for some time now. A wide range of people, both male and female, are coming in to adorn their nipples with jewelry of their choice.

If you’re looking to get your nipples pierced, give Almost Famous Body Piercing a call and talk with one of our piercing technicians about what sort of piercing suits you best.


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Due to differences in State and local regulations, if you are a minor wishing to get pierced, or you are a parent or guardian wishing to bring a minor child in for a piercing, please call the store location you wish to visit for details on what ID is currently required and accepted for both parent and child at that specific location. If you are a guardian, proof of guardianship is required.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone… We do not perform piercings on people who are or seem to be intoxicated.

Everyone 18 and older wishing to get pierced must have a valid, state or federally issued picture ID like a drivers license, non-driver picture ID, or a passport. Sorry, no exceptions.

For additional information on ID requirements, call the location you wish to be pierced at, and see additional information here. Not all locations have the same ID requirements due to state and local laws.

All piercings are performed under strict sterile, sanitary conditions by trained piercing professionals.