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Northeast Minneapolis Piercing Shop

Looking to visit our Northeast Minneapolis location? We’re easy to find!

Almost Famous Body Piercing is located at 405 Central Ave SE in Suite 110 in Minneapolis. Our entrance is on the corner of the building and faces the intersection of 4th Street and Central Ave. We are across the street (Central) from the Aveda Institute and across 4th is a Lunds & Byerly’s.

There is metered street parking around our building and free street parking to the east of us. St. Anthony Falls parking ramp is two blocks from us as well. We are open Monday through Saturday from noon to 8pm and are closed on Sundays.

Store Policies

Minneapolis – NE Minneapolis
405 Central Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States
Phone: (612) 354-7220

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In-Store Pricing

Buy One, Get One Free Piercings*
ItemService FeeJewelryAftercare
Cartilage Rim$75$12 and up$10.48
Helix$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Rook$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Daith$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Snug$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Tragus$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Anti-Tragus$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Conch$75$17.99 and up$10.48
Earlobe (Needle)$75$12 and up$10.48
Industrial$75$22.99 and up$10.48
Nostril$75$13.99 and up$10.48
Eyebrow$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Side Lip$75$16.99 and up$16.97
Monroe$75$17.99 and up$16.97
Labret$75$17.99 and up$16.97
Cheek$75$20.99 and up$16.97
Tongue$75$19.99 and up$11.28
Nipple$75$19.99 and up$10.48
Navel$75$19.99 and up$10.48
Vertical Labret$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Cheek Dimples$75$20.99 and up$16.97
Dahlias$75$19.99 and up$16.97

Additional Services and Piercings*
ItemService FeeJewelryAftercare
Earlobe (Gun)Free$12 and up$10.48
Medusa$75$17.99 and up$16.97
Septum$75$16.99 and up$10.48
Bridge$75$19.99 and up$10.48
Oral Frenum$75$16.99 and up$11.28
Surface Bar$75$21.99 and up$10.48
Dermal Anchor$75$21.98 and up (Boot is $13.99 + price of top that you choose.)$10.48
Tongue Tip$75$16.99 and up$11.28
Exotics$80Depends on the piercing. Please see piercer for consultation and quote.$10.48
Stretch$15 (Per hole)  
Change Out$10 or Free at time of jewelry purchase  
Jewelry Removal$10  
Dermal Removal$40  
*Buy One, Get One Free applies to the service fee only. Jewelry and aftercare purchase required for all piercing services.
*Service fees are applied per piercing.
*Prices subject to change. Pricing does not include sales tax.
*If you don’t see the piercing or service you want on the list, please call the location you wish to visit.