Brittany D

Brittany D.


Piercer Profile

Almost Famous location(s) where you work:
All locations!

What date did you begin piercing?
June 2020

How many piercings do you personally have?

What is your favorite piercing you have?
Probably my bridge or my medusa, but also my conch!

What is your favorite piercing to do on others?
Industrials, traguses, rooks, and surface piercings!

I am a style junkie! Body piercing is really such a cool way to express yourself and I really wanted to help people decorate themselves!

I still love helping people decorate themselves! I love having the knowledge and skills to bring someone’s creative vision to life, even if it’s just a simple stud in a nostril.

It amazes me I get to work with such a wide variety of clientele. I love that we get to pierce people of all ages and all stages of life.

Arts & crafts, museum trips, thrifting and all things vintage, classic films, nature, traveling, and my dog, Bella.


See What Our Customers Say About Brittany

“Brittany was amazing she was very gentle and helped me re opening my lip piercing she is highly recommended keep up the great work!”  – Billy (Google)

“My daughter and I went to get nose piercings done. Brittany did an amazing job. She explained everything that she was doing ,which made my daughter and I feel comfortable. Brittany also explained after care instructions well. The staff answered all of my questions and had good customer service. I would absolutely come back if I need any of their services and suggest that anyone give them a try.”  – Tiarah (Google)