Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow Piercing

While a relatively new type of piercing, making its appearance in the 1970’s, eyebrow piercings have surged in popularity in recent years, making its mark as a highly unique and versatile piercing with placement variations to fit almost any face.


What is an Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercings are typically done on the outside portion of the eyebrow, vertically placed, and done at the slightest angle. Eyebrow piercings are done with a bent barbell, and while they are in an obvious spot, they can add an ethereal quality to your look.

Types of Eyebrow Piercings

Vertical eyebrow piercings are the most popular and the standard piercing placement people think of when they think eyebrow piercing. The jewelry is placed so there is one bead above the eyebrow, and one bead below, although some people have higher brows so placement is very much dependent on the anatomy and eyebrow placement of the person getting the piercing. We do these piercings with a curved barbell but it can pierced with a hoop or horseshoe as well.

Horizontal eyebrow piercings are a similar concept to vertical, but rather than straddling the eyebrow, it is typically done directly above or below the brow line, still with a bent barbell, although a surface bar or dermal anchors can be used if there is enough tissue depth. These are considered surface piercings and do have a higher chance of rejection than a cartilage or nostril piercing. Some people have them for months, others for years, it all depends on your body.

Double eyebrow piercings are a recent trend. It’s a unique look and is sure to inspire others with how great it looks. The best part is that you can do aftercare on both and heal them at the same time. Swelling can be pronounced in any area where piercings are placed close together, so careful and consistent aftercare is need if you decide to go with a double eyebrow.

How Long Does an Eyebrow Piercing Take to Heal?

Just like any other piercing, we say that the eyebrow can take six months to one year or longer to fully heal. In this time, you can take the jewelry out to change the piercing, but you won’t want to leave it out for any amount of time longer than that. We recommend waiting a minimum of 6-8 weeks to change the jewelry after getting the piercing. You can visit an Almost Famous Body Piercing location near you and a piercing professional can show you jewelry options. A piercer can change your jewelry out with sterile jewelry if your piercing is still healing, showing you how to do for future reference if you prefer. Jewelry change outs are free of charge at the time of jewelry purchase at all of our locations.

Getting Your Eyebrow Pierced

Contact us about getting your eyebrow pierced at any of our Almost Famous Body Piercing locations. You can check out several eyebrow piercing pictures in our gallery to get some ideas for piercing jewelry and piercing placement. Keep in mind that your specific anatomy will be the deciding factor in placement of the piercing. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the piercing process. We do piercings on a walk-in only basis, so stop by at your convenience, at the location of your choice, to get your new piercing.


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Due to differences in State and local regulations, if you are a minor wishing to get pierced, or you are a parent or guardian wishing to bring a minor child in for a piercing, please call the store location you wish to visit for details on what ID is currently required and accepted for both parent and child at that specific location. If you are a guardian, proof of guardianship is required.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone… We do not perform piercings on people who are or seem to be intoxicated.

Everyone 18 and older wishing to get pierced must have a valid, state or federally issued picture ID like a drivers license, non-driver picture ID, or a passport. Sorry, no exceptions.

For additional information on ID requirements, call the location you wish to be pierced at, and see additional information here. Not all locations have the same ID requirements due to state and local laws.

All piercings are performed under strict sterile, sanitary conditions by trained piercing professionals.