Getting Creative with Your Jewelry


Getting Creative with Your Jewelry

We are all about getting creative with jewelry at Almost Famous Body Piercing! We love taking the time to work one on one with our customers to make sure they leave with jewelry and a new piercing that they are more than happy with.

Different Types of Jewelrymultiple ear piercings with hoop - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Depending on which particular piercing you are wanting to get, you can typically get pierced with different types of jewelry, such as hoops, studs, horseshoes, etc.  While you might not want to get your navel pierced with a hoop or horseshoe (though you could if you want to!), for example, and may feel limited to the traditional navel jewelry, we still have 50 or so different styles of navel jewelry to get pierced with and a range of colored gems and titanium colors you won’t find anywhere else!

Mixing Colors

A trend that we’re completely on board with is mixing colors. Our titanium jewelry is anodized different colors. Some colors aren’t possible to achieve by anodizing, such as white, yellow, and orange but we still have 13 or so colors to choose from. Getting a cartilage piercing done with a green hoop to add to your already existing purple hoop is a fun but simple way of getting creative with your jewelry. Same with getting pierced with gold and black horseshoes or pink and yellow labret studs.

different types of hoops - Almost Famous Body PiercingDifferent Bead Types

We also have a multitude of different beads to add to the ends of your jewelry. For instance, you can get a lip piercing using a blue labret stud with a white opal. You can get an eyebrow piercing with a turquoise curved barbell and add aurora gem beads to each end to give it an iridescent shine. If you are using a horseshoe in your piercing, placing a bead with a contrasting color in between the beads of the horseshoe for a triplet effect is a great way to make your jewelry look even more unique.

Wearing Multiple Plugs

You can even dress up your plugs by wearing more than one at a time.  Simply pop a smaller plug made of stone, metal or glass inside a silicone plug of the correct size for your ear, and you have a totally new and amazing look.  This is also a great way to make good use of your plug collection if you have been stretching to larger sizes as you can still wear the small plugs.

Use Jewelry Intended for a Different Type of Piercing

Some customers get REALLY creative and will go so far as to use jewelry originally intended for certain piercings and put them in other piercings instead. This is true with our nipple sets. Some of our customers use them as dangling earrings, or thread them through their plugs. Some of our jewelry that we call ‘Septum clickers” are now commonly being used as Daith jewelry and they look great!

Almost Famous Body Piercing is always ready to help customers figure out the style that suits them best. We’re all about options and invite you to let your inventiveness shine! Feel free to give us a call or come down to the shop for a consultation.

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