Zircon for December Birthdays


Zircon for December Birthdays

Do you know what December’s birthstone is? Many people think that turquoise is the official stone of the twelfth month. Many are unaware that a rare and beautiful stone known as zircon also serves as the final month’s birthstone.

Zircon is a naturally occurring stone that can take on a variety of colors and is very close in appearance to diamonds. They are used to make various types of jewelry for the entire body. Almost Famous Body Piercing carries beautiful zircon body jewelry and other beautiful stones. With four locations in Minnesota and North Dakota, Almost Famous Body Percing is sure to have a unique piece that will help you express your individuality.

Diamonds vs. Zircons

Zircon is a unique jewel that is often mistaken as a diamond imitation. Any jewel connoisseur knows that the stones are similar, but have clear differences. These differences give zircon its unique look and present a beauty that is comparable but different than its diamond counterpart. These differences can be expressed in a few categories.


Carbon is the base of diamond’s composition while zircon is made up of zirconium sulfate. As a result of this difference in chemical composition, the diamond is a harder stone than zircon. Diamond scores a 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness while zircon is a 7 on the same scale. While both are hard stones and both can cut glass, diamonds are harder and, therefore, crack a little less.


Colored diamonds are very rare in nature, colored zircons are quite common. The most famous is the lively blue stone that is most often used as the birthstone for December but there are many more naturally occurring varieties. The following list shows just a few of the known zircon types and their colors.

zircon body jewelry

  • Jacinth– yellow, orange, brown, red
  • Jargon– pale grey, yellow
  • Matara– colorless
  • Starlight– blue

Color and hardness are two of the many differences between the diamonds and zircon. Each has their own unique characteristics that make them beautiful.

Radioactive Beauty

Some zircon stones exist in a very minor radioactive state. These stones go through a natural process known as metamiction, through which their inner structure is destroyed. These samples must be heated as a result of their volatile structure. The heating process imbues these stones with a luster that is hard to find in any other stone. Imagine flashes of fire or rainbows shining within the stone on your body jewelry.

Famous Zircons

Zircon stones have been appreciated for their beauty throughout history. The Smithsonian Institution houses a few of the more famous samples from around the world.

  • The George Pendant features a 43.79-carat, natural green zircon
  • 20 carat, emerald cut, blue- Thailand
  • 9 carat, round, brown- Thailand
  • 60 carat, emerald cut, green- Sri Lanka
  • 30 Carat, round, colorless- Sri Lanka

Zircon Body Piercing

The beauty and unique look that zircon stones provide make them great for body jewelry. Almost Famous Body Piercing’s professional staff will help you select the right piece for you. Check out our online body jewelry store and view our zircon pieces!

We are confident you’ll find something to satisfy your desire. Stop in for a visit at any one of our four locations to learn more about zircon, other stones and our unique body jewelry.

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