Your New Navel Piercing


Your New Navel Piercing

It’s always exciting to get a new piercing! Navel piercings are still one of the most requested piercings at Almost Famous Body Piercing.

Navel piercings require a bit a special care to get them to heal well. Some people will have their navels pierced more than once. Side and bottom navel piercings continue to grow in popularity. When you decide to get a new navel piercing, aftercare plays the most important part in a beautiful outcome. Make sure to start your body piercing aftercare regimen before you go to sleep for the night.

It’s also a good idea to uncover your piercing often during the day to provide air to circulate around the pierced area. Avoid tight clothing during the healing process, and if you participate in sports, dance, or swimming, make sure to ask your Almost Famous Body Piercing professional about ways to protect your new piercing. Certain medical procedures may also require you to remove your jewelry.

If you are required to remove your jewelry for any amount of time, use a body piercing retainer to keep your piercing open during this time.

Some people may experience a longer healing time for their navel piercing. Sometimes, switching from steel to titanium jewelry is helpful. If you feel you need to switch your jewelry, please come in and talk to us about a jewelry change out.

Make sure to wash your hands before touching your piercing or the jewelry in your new piercing. Hands can be a source of dirt and germs, and it makes sense to wash them thoroughly before touching a healing wound. Handle your jewelry gently throughout the healing process to avoid damaging newly forming granulation tissue.

If you have questions about your piercing, need help with your jewelry, or are thinking about another piercing, please come and see us at Almost Famous.

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