Why Pierce Minors


Why Pierce Minors

Occasionally, we get this question: “Why do you pierce minors?” The best answer, because their parents requested we start doing so. In the beginning, we pierced only people 18 and over. Within just a few months, we were getting daily requests from our piercing customers to pierce their minor kids. The one piercing that got the most requests in the beginning was lobe piercings. Parents liked the idea that they would be with their child in a private room where, if the child was nervous or changed their mind, they could do that without strangers watching.

When we talk to parents today about why they want to bring their kids to Almost Famous Body Piercing for a piercing, they tell us they want a place they can bring their kids where they know the piercing is being performed by someone who has experience and is specifically trained in body piercing. They like knowing the body piercer will use clean techniques, and that a clean, private room will be available for the piercing to take place. Parents like knowing we use individually wrapped, sterile jewelry and tools, and that we welcome Parents and Guardians when they accompany their child during the piercing service. We want them to be in the room, they are an important part of a great outcome!! Other important issues include a friendly staff, and not feeling rushed through any part of the process, from filling out paperwork to jewelry selection to questions before and after the service.

The other motivating factor for us in offering piercings to minors is providing a safer option to piercing parties or getting pierced in someone’s bathroom or kitchen. Piercing is a deeply personal choice. If a minor wants a piercing, we are happy we can give families an alternative.

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