What a Trip to Almost Famous Body Piercing Looks Like


What a Trip to Almost Famous Body Piercing Looks Like

We’ve made a few small changes to how we do things lately so we wanted to make a guide containing all the details of what a trip to Almost Famous Body Piercing might look like. That way, you can come in and know exactly what to expect and feel completely comfortable shopping for new jewelry or signing up to get pierced. 


Shopping for New Jewelry
If you have a healed piercing and you just want to shop for jewelry, that’s perfect! Just stop on in and browse our many cases and cabinets. Any of our front desk clerks can pull options out for you so you can see them up close and they can also answer most questions about sizing. If you find something that you love and want a piercer to put it in for you, just let the clerk know and they will take a look at the piercing schedule and see when they might be able to fit you in. If it’s a busy day such as a weekend or a busy time such as the evening, you may be asked to come back a little later. In this case, you can walk around the mall/area and kill some time and then be asked to return at your ‘appointment’ time.  


Need more aftercare?
If you just need more aftercare products such as sea salt, glycerin soap, or mouthwash, it’s just as easy as stopping in to purchase some! We also sell these items online and if you order Sunday through Thursday, it ships out the very next day. We also offer free shipping on orders over $30! 


Getting a Piercing
If you’re wanting to get a piercing, we do still accept walk-ins rather than appointments in advance. However, we work on a first come first serve basis as well so depending on the day/time of the day, you may be able to just walk right in or there could be a wait. If there is a wait, we will add you to the schedule and give you a card with your appointment time.
It’s also a great idea to have food in your stomach and to be hydrated when getting your piercing. This will help with any nausea, fainting, etc.

Whether you have to come back later on or not, the next thing that you’ll do is fill out your piercing release form. We’ll ask for your current/non expired ID or driver’s license and make a copy of it on the back of your form. (If you’re bringing in a minor to be pierced, we need identification from them as well. ID policies vary by state and sometimes city so be sure to call the location closest to you for additional information.)

Next, we’ll pull out some jewelry options for you to choose from. We carry the largest selection of jewelry in each of the areas that we’re in so we know you’ll find something you love. We have very simple, ornate, and everything in between. Once you find something you’re excited about, we’ll staple the sterile package to your paperwork so it’s ready to go. We’ll then add everything up for you and let you know what your grand total will be. You’ll pay afterwards but this so there are no surprises and you’ll know what to expect.

Once you’re back in the piercing suite, a piercer will wash up then open all the tools and supplies on the tray in front of you. They’ll then clean off the area and mark your piercing. You’ll check it out and make sure it’s the exact spot you had in mind This is a great time to share with your piercer what will make you the most comfortable when they do the piercing – they can count down, have you breathe in and out, etc. If you’re all ready, they’ll get set up, make sure you’re ready, and do the piercing.

Your piercer will hold up a mirror so you can check out the finished product. This is the exciting part!! Seeing your new piercing for the first time makes it all worth it. Your piercer will go over healing and how to use each of the aftercare products and then if you’re happy and feeling good, you’ll head back out to the front to pay and get your aftercare products. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and Apple Pay. Your aftercare will be placed into a bag along with a pamphlet with additional information on what you can expect during the healing phase.

Now that you know what to expect when you visit Almost Famous Body Piercing, we hope to see you in! Some of our stores do not have a piercer in at all times so we post our piercer schedule to our social media pages every Sunday. You can message us with any questions you might have or give us a call at any of our 8 store locations!

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