Body Piercings That You Can Hide

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Body Piercings That You Can Hide

We love when body piercings can be shown off and celebrated but we also understand that there are times where piercings aren’t accepted or can’t be visible. Even though the person may love them, they might not be accepted at school, work, or in sports. If this is the case for you, there are still many piercing options to choose from!

If you have your piercing most of the time but would only have to take it out every once in a while, let’s say for a sport, then consider getting your piercing when you’ll be able to keep the jewelry in for the duration of healing (as in off season,) then you can put a clear, plastic retainer in. Our retainers are small, hard to see, and there’s a size for just about every piercing out there! This will prevent your piercing from shrinking or closing up, while still ‘hiding’ the piercing.

Septum Piercing
A nostril piercing can be hard to hide. There are retainers available but it’s not recommended that you change the jewelry in your piercing constantly. A septum is close but when pierced with a horseshoe, it’s incredibly easy to flip when you can’t have it visible. There are also many jewelry options for this piercing from small and discreet to bold and statement making.

Septum on Dusty

Navel Piercings
Navel piercings don’t have to be seen by anybody else ever if you don’t want it to be so these of course made the list! There are still a lot of fun jewelry options to choose from when it’s healed but it’s recommended to start with something fairly simple.

Navel Piercing 2

Cartilage Piercings
Now it definitely depends on which piercings in the cartilage/upper ear but there are some that are barely visible, especially if you have hair that covers your ears. Ear flat piercings, Helix/Cartilage Rim, Rook, Daith, Forward Helix, are just some of the possible options.

Ear Piercings

Certain Oral Piercings
Certain oral piercings can be incredibly difficult to hide. Think Monroe, Lip, Labret, or Vertical Labret. However, there are options that are more concealed. The Smiley piercing is the frenum that connects the top lip to your gum, an oral frenum is the frenum that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, and there’s also the common tongue piercing.


Dermals are a favorite because they leave so much creativity up to the piercee. Not only are you able to choose the jewelry, but you can choose exactly where they go and how many. If you don’t think you’d be able to get away with having them at school or work, you can choose a placement that is inconspicuous. You could do the nape of the neck, a hidden part of the chest, on the hips, lower back, somewhere on the wrist. There are so many places to choose from! If the placement is really unique, we recommend talking with a piercer and making sure that it is feasible.
Check out another blog post on creative placements for dermals – Microdermal Ideas for Piercings | Almost Famous Body Piercing (


We hope you find this guide helpful when you’re wanting a piercing. We always recommend checking in with work, school, or sports before getting a piercing just to make sure you’ll be able to keep it. The original jewelry that you’re pierced with has to be metal and it has to remain in place for at least 2 months, some piercings call for even longer. You can always reach out to us through messaging on our social platforms, emailing us at [email protected], or stopping in and visiting with a piercer. We’re always happy to help and answer questions, whether it be before or after getting a piercing!

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