Caring for Your Healing Body Piercing – Non-Oral Piercings


Caring for Your Healing Body Piercing – Non-Oral Piercings

Aftercare for new piercings keeps the jewelry and the area around the wound clean and helps the piercing wound drain and heal. We suggest cleaning twice daily with a glycerin soap wash, and soaking twice daily with a warm sea salt solution.

The easiest way to clean your piercing with glycerin soap is during your daily shower. The warm water and steam in the shower help soften your skin and loosen the crust that forms on your jewelry, making the crust easier to remove.  Gently remove the crust from your jewelry with a paper towel or gauze pad if you can’t remove it using your fingers.

Wash your piercing after you have used your shampoo, conditioner, and other body wash products. First, wash your hands thoroughly with clear glycerin soap, rinse you hands, and use the glycerin soap to create a lather in your hands. Use the lather to wash around your piercing. Be careful not to rotate the soap through your healing piercing, as this may irritate the wound.  Rinse the area completely by holding the piercing in the shower spray. We do not suggest using antibacterial soap, or any soap containing color, fragrance, or animal products on your piercing. Gently pat the area dry.

We also suggest sea salt soaks twice daily for a new piercing.  The warmth is soothing, increases circulation to the area, and helps the wound drain.

Sea Salt Soak Directions

First: Fill a fresh disposable cup with one cup of warm water, and add 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt, stirring until the salt is completely dissolved.

Second: Place the cup over the piercing and form a vacuum seal, or dip the piercing into the cup. (Example: a navel piercing requires a vacuum, while an ear lobe piercing can be held in the sea salt solution.)

Soak your piercing for a minimum of 3-5 minutes, twice a day.  Rinse the area with plain water after your soak.

Never touch your healing piercing without first washing your hands.  If you need someone to help you clean your piercing, make sure they wash their hands before helping you!

Do not share your aftercare products!

Do not use petroleum based ointments, first aid products, or full-strength rubbing alcohol on your healing piercing. These substances can irritate a healing piercing, and using them may slow the healing process significantly. Remember, you aren’t trying to kill your piercing, just keep it clean.

Check the jewelry

Make sure the screw-on ends remain tightened. You should make it a habit to do this each time you clean your piercing, and before you go to bed at night. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your jewelry! Remember: tighten all threaded accessories by turning them to the right — righty, tighty.

During the entire healing period

You should not change out your jewelry, or remove it for any length of time. The jewelry acts as a drain for the wound created by the piercing needle.  Removing your jewelry prematurely can cause a healing piercing to close up, trapping draining fluid, and possibly lead to complications requiring treatment by a medical professional. While it is possible to change the jewelry in some piercings earlier, please consult with an Almost Famous Body Piercing professional to make sure that the piercing is ready and appropriate jewelry is used before removing or changing your jewelry.

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