Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil (ho-HO-bah) is not really oil, but a liquid wax. Composed of wax esters, it is an extremely stable, long lasting substance, and does not easily deteriorate or turn rancid.

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba is a an evergreen desert shrub native to deserts in North America whose seeds contain an odorless, liquid wax used in cosmetics and other beauty products, and as a massage carrier oil. Jojoba Oil is anti-inflammatory, and an anti-oxidant. Jojoba Oil contains Vitamin C, E and B complex, as well as possessing sulfur, copper, cobalt and has traces of tin. It also has the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It has a very high percentage of iodine, over 80%. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Native Americans were the first to recognize the myriad benefits of the jojoba seed hundreds of years ago. They most often used the oil squeezed from the seed to treat skin ailments, small cuts, sores, bruises, and sunburn.

Jojoba Oil is easily absorbed by through the skin because it closely resembles human sebum, your skin’s natural lubricating medium. Jojoba Oil is readily absorbed without making the skin feel greasy. Because of its superior compatibility to human skin, it is widely used as an ingredient in personal care and cosmetic products, and is especially effective for use on dry skin.

Jojoba Oil is used in body piercing to moisturize areas of dry skin around piercings, and as an effective pre-stretching skin conditioner. Just a few drops massaged gently into the skin around a piercing can bring relief to dry areas.

Jojoba Oil as a Stretching Conditioner

As a stretching conditioner, massage the oil into the area around the piercing you want to stretch twice daily. Use just enough oil to treat the immediate area, and remember, a little of this oil will go a long way! As you massage, gently pull the area to start gently stretching the area. Continue to use daily for two to four weeks before stretching.

Jojoba Oil can also be used on wood plugs to condition them. Simply rub a few drops into the wood with a soft cloth.

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