Piercings and Pregnancy. Questions & Answers!

pierced and pregnant

Piercings and Pregnancy. Questions & Answers!

Piercings can be a beautiful way to express yourself, but they can pose unique problems while you are pregnant. During pregnancy, your skin becomes more elastic and much more sensitive. Everyone is different when it comes to their jewelry and it often becomes a matter of personal choice as to when you remove your piercings or if you choose to leave them in for the duration of your pregnancy. Many women opt for the safest route and choose to remove their piercings during their pregnancy.

Wearing Jewelry While You Are Pregnantbioplast navel

The jewelry in nipple piercings can often be left in place throughout the entire pregnancy, but should be removed if you plan on breastfeeding the newborn. This is because the jewelry can be a choking hazard should a bead fall off or your jewelry fall out. You can see a piercer about jewelry options that are easy to remove and put back in for the duration of breastfeeding.
As the body begins to change, navel and genital piercings may need to be removed or replaced with more flexible, plastic circular barbells that will adjust to your body’s growth.
Any other body piercings, such as those in your ear, on your face, or any oral piercings can be left in place throughout the pregnancy and beyond. If the piercing is still healing, be sure to use consistent aftercare and if they’re healed piercings, aftercare every now and then is a great habit to keep up with!

Taking Care of Your Piercings

Whether your piercings are still healing or fully healed, it is important to continue with a vigilant aftercare routine. This is to keep the area clean and to prevent infection. We recommend using natural products such as non-iodized sea salt and glycerin soap which are hypoallergenic so they’re safe for use on sensitive skin. You can purchase or find more information on these products here .

Getting New Piercings While You Are Pregnant

At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we do not pierce any person that is pregnant. Most professional body piercers advise against getting piercings while pregnant for many reasons. Your body is working harder than usual to keep you healthy while also growing another healthy human. Therefore, a piercing that you get during this time would take significantly longer to heal. Women that are pregnant are also more susceptible to infection since your immune system is typically weaker during this time. Any type of infection can result in severe ramifications if not attended to immediately.

Almost Famous Body Piercing

Contact Almost Famous Body Piercing if you have any questions about how to care for your piercings or if you are thinking about getting additional piercings. For your health and the health of your child, take the time to learn as much as you can about piercings and how they will affect your body while you are pregnant.

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