Why Do People Get Piercings?

Why Do People Get Piercings?

Why Do People Get Piercings?

Body piercing is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, spanning countless cultures and communities across the globe.

But even though body piercing can be traced to ancient times, many people still wonder: Why do people get piercings?

Like any form of self-expression, the reasons for getting a body piercing are as unique as the people who have them.

Over the centuries, reasons for body piercings have ranged from cultural and religious beliefs to creative expression and personal style. There’s no one “right” reason to get a piercing, especially because it’s a completely personal decision.

Here are just a few of the many reasons that someone might decide to get a body piercing:

They simply like the way they look

One of the most common reasons behind body piercing is also the most straightforward: many people simply like the way body piercings look.

While not everyone is a fan of the aesthetics of body piercings, it’s impossible to deny that they certainly make a visual impact. And for people that like that unique look, getting a body piercing is an easy choice.


They want to commemorate a special memory or milestone

Much like tattoos, piercings are often a way for someone to mark a special point in their life. A piercing can serve as a memorial to a loved one, a marker of a major achievement, or even just a reminder of a treasured memory.

Sometimes, a piercing can be an empowering symbol of a traumatic event that the person has overcome. Because piercings are generally less permanent than tattoos, they offer an alternative to anyone not quite ready to commit to long-term ink.


They enjoy trying out trends from popular culture

Even though piercings have been around for hundreds of years, popular culture has definitely had an impact on many people’s decision to get pierced.

As celebrities such as actors, musicians, models, and athletes show off their favorite piercings, it can influence people to want to try the trend out for themselves.


They are taking part in a cultural tradition

For many cultural groups throughout the world, piercings are extremely meaningful. People of different cultures may choose to get a piercing for reasons important to their family tradition, such as marking a rite of passage or paying tribute to their heritage.

Even in many of today’s modern cultures, such as Asian and Pacific Islander, historic piercing traditions still stand strong.


They enjoy piercing as a fetish

Although less common, piercing as a fetish is a well-recognized and valid reason for some in the piercing community.

Ultimately, getting a body piercing is a decision that’s entirely up to you – and whatever your reasons are for piercing, you don’t need to justify them to anyone.


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