Holiday Gift Guide 2022


Holiday Gift Guide 2022

We love this time of year! The seasons are changing and even if it’s hard to think about Christmas at this point, it’s inevitably coming. Whether you’re the type to get all your gift shopping out of the way before Thanksgiving or like to wait until the last minute, we create this Holiday Gift Guide every year to help. It includes some of our most popular items and some of our staff favorites but it’s broken down into easy to understand information so that even if you, yourself, don’t know a lot about piercings, you’ll be able to shop confidently for the person you love.  


First up is…GIFT CARDS
They’re easy, they’re fun, and the allow the person you love to get ANYTHING they want when they visit any 8 of our stores. They can get a brand new piercing, new replacement jewelry, stock up on aftercare products, or stretching supplies. The best part is that from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas, we do a gift card promotion – When you buy a $25 gift card, you’ll get a FREE $5 gift card. With $50, $10 gift card, so on and so forth!
Purchase gift cards here.

Gift Cards


Our very loved NOSTRIL PACKS
The most common piercing that we do? The nostril! Rather than having to purchase individual pieces of jewelry to build up your collection, we made these packs that include 6-7 nostril studs. These are so handy for those that love to change up their look and their jewelry. These are available online and there are many more options in store as well!
Find nostril packs here.

Nostril Packs


You know that we love making things easy for you guys which is why we created our aftercare bundles! These are specially curated packs of products, each for a specific purpose. We have four to choose from –
The Healing Bump Bundle was put together for people that have a healing bump on their piercing(s) and consists of Sea Salt, Glycerin Soap, and Tea Tree Oil. 

The Swimming Bundle is for those that have a vacation coming up but also have a new piercing. You don’t want to have a new piercing in lake or chlorinated water for 6-8 weeks so this pack contains a “Cover It!” kit which comes with sterilized gauze pads and waterproof covering , non-iodized sea salt, and glycerin soap. 

Next up is the Oral Piercing Bundle and it’s for people that have a new oral piercing. It consists of three products – our “Swish-It!” mouthwash that is specially formulated for new oral piercings, sea salt, and glycerin soap. 

Lastly, our Stretching Bundle! If there’s a person in your life that has been wanting to stretch their ears, this kit is the best place to start! It has everything you need to begin – Jojoba Oil, ‘Stretch-It!’ tape, glycerin soap, and sea salt.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that these always make the list…our PLUG HOOPS!
We rave about these all the time and for good reason. They cost no more than a regular pair of dangle earrings but they are all so unique. For sure a statement piece. From lotus flowers, to skeletons, to cats, to gorgeous designs, we’re sure to have a pair that would make the perfect gift for the person you have in mind. An added bonus is that even if a person’s ear are stretched, they can wear these through a pair of tunnels hence the name we gave them…plug hoops! If a person just has their ears pierced, these are the same size as a normal earrings so don’t sleep on these. They’re a fan favorite! Find them here.

Plug Hoops


A gift that may not get a “Wow, this is so cool!” upon opening but it sure is practical. We have our own line of aftercare products that are specially formulated to help heal piercings. They’re each great at their own thing – The sea salt is for soaking and this can remove any drainage or irritating product residues from the inside of the piercing. The glycerin soap is wonderful at cleaning topically. It can remove makeup, facewash residues, or any other products before they have a chance to enter the piercing. Then the mouthwash is great for oral piercings. It’s always good to have aftercare on hand since piercings heal in peak and valley phases. Sometimes they’ll seem fully healed and fine and then they go back to being irritated. Having these products on hand will spare the worry and having to run into the store.
Find our line of aftercare products here.


If the person that you’re looking for a gift for has their navel pierced, navel jewelry always makes a great option! All the navel jewelry on our webstore is 30% off using the code NAVEL30 and shipping is free when your purchase is over $30. Check out our navel jewelry here. They are way more options in store as well!

Navel Jewelry

Last but certainly not least – THREADLESS JEWELRY!
These have gotten so incredibly popular within the last year! We started piercing with them and once people see all the tops we have, they almost always choose the threadless/push-in route. The best thing about these is that once you have your base, whether it be a labret stud or barbell, you can just change the top when you want a different look meaning that you leave the stud in and just the top comes in and out. We always offer free change outs when you purchase jewelry with us and if you don’t want to change it at that time, we can always show you a little tutorial. We also have online video resources as well! Find the many options here.

Threadless Tops

Another idea that would make a perfect stocking stuffer is our Almost Famous Body Piercing bracelets!


We hope this gift guide is helpful! We enjoy putting it together and coming up with different ideas for the people in your life that love body piercings as much as we do. We hope your holiday shopping experience is smooth sailing! 

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