Calming Those Pre-Piercing Fears


Calming Those Pre-Piercing Fears


Getting a piercing can be very anxiety inducing for some. Even for those with many piercings and/or tattoos. We understand this and we work really hard to make sure that everyone that comes in for a piercing feels calm, relaxed, and at ease. Here are some easy ways that you, yourself, can ensure that your piercing experience is an enjoyable one! 
Talk with your Piercer 
Explain to your piercer that you’re feeling anxious and they will absolutely help talk you through it. Whether your fear is of needles or just the whole experience, we are trained to help. We can make sure that the needle is covered the entire time so you don’t see it at all. We can also explain each and every step of the process so you’re not surprised by anything. We can even remind you again and again that it’s so quick and that you’re going to LOVE the finished product 😉 
Deep Breaths  
It sounds so simple and it really is. Look up some breathing techniques before coming in for your piercing. These are easy to find and there are even guided videos to choose from. Practice breathing and getting into a relaxed state of mind leading up to your day to come in. Once you’re back in the piercing suite, take yourself to that imaginative space. Before you know it, the piercing will be done! 
Bring Support  
We only allow two people back in the piercing suites – the piercee and a friend. This is due to small space and to lessen distractions. It makes the piercing service safer for everyone. Make sure this person is of good support so they can hold your hand and comfort you through the process. Yes, sometimes people even bring their mom and that’s okay! Whatever makes you feel good and at ease. 
Eat a Light Meal or Snack and Bring Water 
This doesn’t exactly cure anxiety or nerves but it can alleviate that nauseous feeling which can help, right? Eating a bit of nutritious food before a piercing helps combat that dizzy, light-headed feeling which is good for both before as well as after. 
Bring Headphones 
Feel free to bring in your headphones and a pre-created playlist that will bring you all the calm vibes. Pop them in for the service, close your eyes, and let us worry about the rest! Keep in mind that this won’t be an option for some ear piercings, but you can definitely use one while we pierce the other!  
Think about the Finished Product  
Once you pick your jewelry, it will be even easier to imagine what your piercing is going to look like. Keep this “finish line” in mind throughout the whole process and know that it only takes a few steps to get there.  
Know That We Have your Back 
We are trained in all areas of body piercing. This includes knowing what to do if you’re nauseous, light-headed, even if you pass out. Know that we’re here to support you no matter what!  
After the piercing is done, almost every person says “That’s it!?!” The pain is typically minimal, the process is fast, and it can really be a fun, enjoyable experience. Let us help you make your piercing a memory that you’ll enjoy for the rest of time with a piercing that you’ll get to enjoy too! 

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