Additional Aftercare Suggestions for Your Non-Oral Body Piercing

Additional Aftercare Suggestions for Your Non-Oral Body Piercing

Don’t Over-Clean Your Piercings

Do not over-clean your piercing. Cleaning more than twice a day (unless absolutely necessary) can irritate your piercing, and prolong the healing process. If your piercing appears clean but is noticeably tender, reduce your cleaning regimen to only once a day. As you move through the healing process, you will develop a successful and permanent cleaning routine.

Don’t Engage in Rough Activity

Do not engage in rough activity that may threaten your piercing. Intense friction and pulling on a fresh piercing is a common way to trigger migration, a process in which the body “pushes” the jewelry out of the body.

Don’t Expose Your Piercings to Cosmetics

Do not expose your piercing to cosmetics such as make-up, hair styling products, lotion, etc… Cosmetics contain many ingredients that can cause intense irritation to a new piercing. If you need a moisturizer, choose one that does not contain petroleum products or animal products. Look for the term “vegan” on the label. A drop of Jojoba oil applied to the area around the piercing (but not in the wound) is an effective moisturizer for some people.

Don’t Sleep on Your New Piercing

Try not to sleep on your new piercing. Sleeping on your new piercing causes irritation, and may prolong the healing process.

Avoid Swimming

Avoid going into a pool, hut tub, lake, etc… for 6-8 weeks, or longer if possible. These types of water can be very dirty, and may induce infection. Use a “Cover It!” kit to keep your healing piercing clean and dry if you do decide to go into the water.

Mix Fresh Sea Salt Solution for Each Piercing

If you are caring for more than one healing piercing on different parts of your body (a nostril and a navel, for example), make sure you mix fresh sea salt solution for each piercing.

Regularly Was Your Bedding

Make sure to wash your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases regularly throughout the healing process to provide a clean and comfortable place to rest while your body does the work of healing.


Disinfect cell phones and ear buds regularly if you have a healing cartilage piercing.

Maintain a Healthy LIfestyle

Do take care of yourself throughout the entire healing process. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and do your aftercare!

Let’s face it, doing your aftercare can sometimes be a chore. It can also be difficult at times if you work long hours, or you attend school. If you forget to do your aftercare for a day or two, and your piercing becomes uncomfortable, simply go back to your aftercare routine as soon as you can. Most piercings will feel better in a day or two.

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