What Kind of Person Gets a Piercing?


What Kind of Person Gets a Piercing?

Why Do People Get Piercings?

While many question why people get piercings, those who choose them often do so for a variety of well-thought out reasons. Piercings are used as identifiers. They can enhance beauty and give the bearer a sense of pride in the way they look and feel about themselves. Many people have chosen to get piercings for personal reasons ranging from remembering a loved one to pure aesthetics.

Piercing Tradition

Many cultures use piercings as a rite of passage. Nose piercings or piercing a child’s ears may indicate the transformation of childhood to adulthood. While many cultures have abandoned the practice as outdated, others still embrace it, considering it a beautiful way of honoring tradition and values. In cultures where piercings are common, those who get them are still held in the highest regard when it comes to their traditional standards.

Modern Connections

In a time when rebellion seems to be the norm, people choose piercings today because it offers them the opportunity to explore their personal being, using the body jewelry to highlight their bodies in a way that suits their character and artistic pursuits. Some look at it as the ultimate form of control when it comes to their body. Not only do the piercings connect them with their friends, they are also a very unique form of self-expression.

Memorial and Aesthetic Piercings

Commemorative or memorial piercings are chosen for the significance they carry. They are a very personal way of remembering a friend or loved one. The placement and type of body jewelry chosen can also be very aesthetically pleasing. Matching piercings are currently all the rage when it comes to ear projects and dermals. People can choose from simple metal studs to posts that contain real jewels. Memorial and commemorative piercings often contain the loved one’s birthstone.

Sexual Piercings

Fetish piercings are extremely personal. These piercings are often used for sexual gratification and ornamentation. This is an extremely personal choice for the individual and may be a way of identifying themselves with others who enjoy the same pursuits. Every person is unique and the piercings they choose are the most personal form of self-expression.

Almost Famous Body Piercing

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