Creative Microdermal Ideas for your Next Body Piercing

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Creative Microdermal Ideas for your Next Body Piercing

At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we offer a wide selection of piercing techniques including the latest trends in the industry. Microdermals are a type of piercing that can be done on any flat surface on your body allowing for some truly unique designs.  Because of their design versatility and overall easier healing, microdermals have become more popular than surface bars.

Here is a list of ideas to consider when getting microdermal piercings.    

Twelve Ideas for Microdermal Piercings

Corner of Your Eye 

A piercing placed here draws attention to eyes and can even accent your eye color with certain colored stones. Dermals on the upper cheek bone/corner of the eye have been one of the most popular places to get a dermal piercing in 2016.

Under/Behind the Ear

This works especially well if you already have pierced ears, as it allows the microdermal to act as an accent piece. If you have stretched ears, you can wear tunnels so that you can see the dermal through them.

Nape of Neck 

Microdermal piercings can easily be applied to the back of the neck as a single piercing, a line, or in other designs and shapes. There is enough area to get them vertically or horizontally.Nape of Neck Dermal Piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing


Another popular place to get a dermal is right at the hollow of your throat, as this uses the body’s natural symmetry to draw attention to it.Throat Dermal Piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing

On the Collarbone 

Collarbone piercings are striking, unique and instantly stand out. This especially true if your collarbone is prominent. Double and triple piercings are most common in this area.Collar Bone Dermal Piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing


These piercings are a bit lower than many, making for a unique look that canbe displayed or hidden depending on the day’s outfit choices. Sternum microdermals are often done as a single piercing or in pairs.  Sternum Dermal Piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing

Back Dimples

Performed on the lower back, these piercings are usually done in pairs to create a balanced appearance.Back Dimples Dermal Piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing

On the Hips 

Placing piercings right above the beltline is a popular choice for guys and girls who love their hips. Hip dermals can be done in a multitude of styles or patterns, with one or two on each side being common.Hip Dermal Piercings at Almost Famous Body Piercing

On the Hand 

Hand piercings are often done above the web of the hand making for a striking addition that can complement your jewelry. Although very beautiful, these piercings require special attention at all times, even after fully healed. They can easily get caught on purses, clothes, gloves, etc.

On the Finger

A piercing on the finger can add a jewel without the need for a band. They also require very special attention as it’s an area that you move often and that can get caught quite easily. Some people get a plain wedding band with a cut-out to fit the diamond dermal top to create a beautiful and unique wedding ring.Finger Dermal Piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing


Parts of the body with lots of a surface area (for example the upper shoulders or back) are great places to have microdermal piercings done as a shape or design. Common ideas include zodiac signs, Roman numerals and other easily recognized iconography.

Tattoo Accents

Lastly, a dermal piercing can be used to add accents to existing tattoos by complementing its color and overall design.  Microdermal Piercing accenting tattoo

Almost Famous Body Piercing

As the above list shows, microdermal piercings are very versatile and can be used in any number of highly creative and personalized designs. Contact Almost Famous Body Piercing today to learn more about the piercing services we offer, including microdermals, and our convenient locations. You can also view more photos of microdermals done by any of our Almost Famous Body Piercers by viewing our Portfolio.

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