Which Body Piercings Hurt the Most?


Which Body Piercings Hurt the Most?

Some of the most common questions about body piercing concern the level of pain associated with a specific piercing. Just how much is it going to hurt? There’s next to no limit on how creative you can get with your piercings, with options for just about anywhere on your body. Naturally, you’d expect some piercing locations to hurt a bit more than others, depending on factors like skin thickness, nerve endings, and personal pain threshold.

If you’re debating your next piercing based on potential discomfort, here’s some good news: even the most painful piercings can be done quickly and effectively when you choose a well-trained body piercer. If you’re still on the fence about a certain body piercing, we’re breaking down some of the most frequently asked questions about the piercing pain scale and which common piercings are the most (and least) painful.

Do all body piercings hurt?

The pain associated with body piercing is a highly subjective topic, depending on the type of piercing, location, and individual pain threshold. No matter how painless or intense a certain piercing may seem, the actual process is over in the blink of an eye.

What is the least painful piercing?

Most piercers agree that earlobe piercings are the least painful type of piercing because they are positioned on a fleshy, easy-to-pierce portion of skin. Most oral piercings, eyebrow piercings, and even navel piercings are also surprisingly low on the pain scale for the same reason. Most people say these piercings can be compared to having your blood drawn at the doctor’s office.

What is the most painful piercing?

There are a few different piercings that many people would rate higher on the piercing pain scale, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from getting one if you’re interested. Daith piercings can be somewhat painful because they require that the needle pierces through the cartilage of the sensitive inside area of the ear, but it’s also an acupressure point that some say may relieve pain for sufferers of chronic headaches. Although there are no formal medical studies that prove this is true, at the very least you will have a new, beautiful piercing in exchange for a few seconds of discomfort. Dermal anchors are another piercing type that’s sometimes considered higher on the pain scale, mainly because it requires the piercer to make an entry point on the surface of the skin.

Which ear piercings hurt the most?

Ear piercing pain varies dramatically depending on what part of the ear you’re piercing. As mentioned, earlobes are pretty pain-free, but piercings on the areas of your ear containing cartilage tend to hurt more. Rook piercing pain is one of the more painful ear piercings, due to the thickness of the cartilage, but it’s a quick and fairly simple process.

How bad is the pain of a nose piercing?

Nostril piercing pain falls somewhere in the middle of the piercing pain scale, but typically hurts less than many people expect. Nostril piercing is usually described only as a brief sting, only slightly more intense than an ear or lip piercing – in fact, many people find that their first reaction to the process involves sneezing or their eyes watering rather than wincing!

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