At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we want you to have as many options as possible to express your individuality. We stock only the highest quality and most unique body piercing jewelry. While some of our customers may be experts in body piercing, some are just starting or are exploring new choices. With that in mind, let’s talk about what a septum clicker is.

What Are Septum Clickers?

These decorative rings have a hinge that allows the wearer to unlock them so they can be inserted or removed from the septum. They make a beautiful accent that shows off your septum piercing in your own unique style. You can find them in a wide range of styles that should fit any aesthetic. However, the huge selection of styles and types can make it somewhat overwhelming when you are first faced with making a decision.

Why Choose Clickers Over Other Styles?

There are many styles of piercing jewelry to choose from, giving you several options. However, we believe choosing a septum clicker over other styles such as a horseshoe has advantages.

Clickers Are Easy To Wear

If you grew up with pierced ears, it is likely you had some small hoop earrings that worked similar to clickers. You simply pull up on the septum clicker until it unlocks, insert into the piercing, then close until it clicks!

Clickers Are Versatile

You are a dynamic person with changing moods and tastes. Your jewelry should give you the freedom to choose your look. Septum clickers are the perfect answer. You can wear them in a septum piercing one day and in another piercing another day.

They Look Great

Septum clickers have just a little something extra when compared to a horseshoe ring. If you want to feel a little more dressed up or make a little more of a statement, septum clickers are the perfect answer. Choose from a wide range of accents, such as stones, gems, chains, and more.

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