One of the most versatile types of body piercing jewelry is the barbell. The name comes from the similarity to a weightlifting barbell: a straight bar with beads on either end. There are many styles of barbell used in body piercings:

– Straight
– Curved
– Circular
– Twists

One or both beads may be removed to put the barbell in or remove it. They may have internal or external threading to secure the beads.

Straight Barbells

Barbells that are straight are the most common type of barbell out there. They can be used in a multitude of piercings, including different cartilage piercings in the ear, nipple, industrial, tongue, just to name a few! Industrial piercings usually require an extra-long bar. Barbells come in a variety of different lengths and gauges which is why they are so incredibly versatile.

Curved Barbells

Curved barbells are most often seen in vertical labret, navel, and eyebrow piercings. To think of the shape of these, think of a piece of navel jewelry and the curve that it has. They also come in various styles of balls and jewels.

Circular Barbells

Circular barbells are typically called ‘horseshoes’ and are commonly used in different ear piercings as well as oral frenum and septum piercings. They can be used in any piercing from nipples to lips, genitals, navel, cartilage, and more. These give a piercing a unique look!

‘Twist’ Barbells

Twister barbells look as if they were wound around something ending with the beads lined up. Although these look really unique and fun, you want to be careful which piercing you put them in as not to cause the piercing to pull or apply too much pressure. A multi-twister consists of more curves resulting in a coil shape.

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