At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we want to provide the widest range of jewelry for every type of piercing and every taste. Plug hoops are the most versatile earrings you can find. They can be worn through your tunnels or stretched piercings, regardless of where you are in your progress. Those with only traditional lobe piercings can also wear them just like you would a typical earring.

While some have the mistaken impression that plugs are a modern trend, they actually date back to ancient times. The Egyptian New Kingdom people, both men and women, wore large-gauge ear jewelry. The Mayan and Aztec civilizations would pierce the childrens’ ears then stretch them systematically until they could insert highly desirable ear spools. These spools were bestowed at a certain age to exhibit maturity.

Inca men often wore gold or silver plugs as a status symbol, indicating nobility and social status. The Spanish named their often two-inch tunnel piercings orejones, or “big ears.” Those same types of plug earrings were found in Mesoamerican and South American cultures dating back to 2,000 BCE. Other examples are found in the Hmong people of Southeast Asia, who wore ivory plugs and in the Aka or Hrusso from India with their silver plug jewelry called ‘Rombin.’

We have plug hoops for every style, taste, and occasion. If you feel a powerful connection to the moon, we have three options: Moon Cutout, Moon Phase Cutout, and Moon with Foil Opals. If you have an affinity for the dark arts or plan your Halloween costume, try our Bat, Black Heart, or Pentagram with Druzy. For any occasion, choose from our All-Seeing Eye, Filigree Crest, Silver Flower, Bee, Peacock, Feather, or Lotus flower plug hoops.

No matter your type of ear piercing or style preference, we feel confident that you’ll find something you can’t live without. Get a different look for every mood, occasion, or day of the week with our wide array of body jewelry.

Check out our plug hoop selection for the very best prices on jewelry. Shop today at Almost Famous Body Piercing!