Basic stud and clasp earrings, hoop, horseshoe, labret stud.
Basic stud and clasp earrings are typically one size.
16g 5/16″ for labret stud.
16g 3/8″ for hoop or horseshoe.

Traditional stud and clasp earring, hoop, horseshoe, labret stud.
Stud and clasp earrings are typically one size.
16g 5/16″ for hoop, horseshoe, and labret stud. (3/8″ if you would like a larger fit.)

Curved barbell, hoop, horseshoe.
16g 5/16″ or 16g 3/8″ for all jewelry options.
16g 5/16″ is the shorter/smaller option of the two.

Labret stud, hoop, horseshoe.
16g 5/16″ for all options. Some require longer/larger jewelry which would be 16g 3/8″.

16g 5/16″ labret stud. Some people require longer jewelry which would be 16g 3/8″. 

16g 5/16″ or 16g 3/8″ curved barbell. 5/16″ is the shorter of the two. 

14g 5/18″ or 14g 3/4″ barbell. 5/8″ is the shorter and also the more common of the two. 

14g 5/18″ is the most common size for nipple barbells. Some can wear shorter which would be 14g 1/2″. 

Stud, hoop, horseshoe.
18g 5/16″ for labret stud, hoop, horseshoe. 
Some may require a larger diameter for hoop or horseshoe depending on where it is pierced. The next larger size would be 18g 3/8″. 
Fishtail screws and L-bends are usually bent to fit. 



Hoop, horseshoe, labret stud, barbell.
14g 1/2″ for hoop and horseshoe. 1/2″ measures the diameter.
14g 5/16″ for labret stud and barbell. 5/16″ measures the length.

Hoop, horseshoe, labret stud, barbell. 
Typically 16g 5/16″ for all jewelry types. 
Some people prefer a snug fit once piercing is fully healed. This would be 1/4″ in length which is the smallest length available.

Hoop, horseshoe, curved barbell. 
Typically size 16 gauge 5/16″ for all jewelry types.

Hoop, horseshoe, curved barbell. 
Typically size 16 gauge 3/8″ for all jewelry options. 
Curved barbell will be significantly less noticeable than other options.

Hoop, horseshoe, labret stud. 
Typically size 16g 5/16″ for all jewelry options. 
If you need shorter – 16g 1/4″ (This is the smallest length available.)
If you need longer/larger – 16g 3/8″ (It is rare someone would need this size.)

These are the jewelry sizes that are used MOST OFTEN. Unfortunately we can’t gaurentee that it will be the size for you. 

When you purchase jewelry online, you will receive a packing slip in your email. If you need help changing out your jewelry, bring in packing slip and jewelry and a piercer would be happy to assist you in changing it. 

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Note: These guidelines are for reference only. Please note that there may be individual differences depending on your anatomy.